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Whilst working at my local Wilkinson’s and going around doing my duties, I came across something that catched my eye something…….Sonicy, when I got closer to this item I saw that it was a bag but it wasn’t just any plain old normal bag, it was a Sonic 20th Anniversary children’s school bag which I must say looked really nice and perfect for any little Sonic The Hedgehog fan.

The look of the Sonic 20th Anniversary School Bag

This was also mentioned by Urtheart on Twitter (@Urtheart if you want to follow him) and by are own AAUK on Radio Redux yesterday but that’s not the end oh no there’s more. Again on this very same day I went into WHSmiths and to my surprise, I saw a Sonic 20th Anniversary Pencil Case which again looked very nice and very well presented.

First side of pencil case, Sonic & Knuckles posing

Second side of pencil case, Sonic The Hedgehog Logo with two rings (IN HAND) beside it

Third side of pencil case, Sonic in all his glory

Both The Sonic School Bag & The Sonic Pencil Case

Both items are on sale with the school bag at Wilkinson’s for about £7 and the pencil case at WHSmiths for about £8.99, and they will most definitely make your child the most way past coolest kid on the playground.

And now for some Sonic Merch news:

Ein Eagle Vanato a good friend of Sonic Wrecks today found a very awesome and rare item around the amazing world of eBay, a Japanese Version Sonic Adventure 2 10th Anniversary Box Set in mint condition, the item is going around for £70 and it comes with the Game (of course), Booklet, Soundtrack CD (in gold SHINY!!!!!) and a very also SHINY!!!! 10th Anniversary coin.

The item can be viewed by clicking here.

Thank you to Ein for giving us the information about this is very awesome and very nice find. 😀

Sonic Wrecks

Author: Sonic Wrecks

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  1. Avatar

    Glad i could helpz! >:3
    Guess I got an ‘Eagle’ eye for these rare merchs XD *SHOT*

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  2. Avatar

    I saw that bag in Wilko’s the other day as well actually and thought it looked well tacky and cheap :/

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    • Tall-Guy91

      Lol really, I thought it looked pretty nice but I only bought it for merch purposes. XD

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  3. Avatar

    This article is full of grammatical mistakes. “catched” is not a word. “Are own” is incorrect. It’s “caught” and “our”.

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    • Tall-Guy91

      Yer looking at this a couple of days ago after I did it, I have see a few mistakes and I am a bit of a derp face for not seeing them when I posted the story but hey, i’m only human and these things happen.

      I’ll make sure to quadruple check my next post lol. XD

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