Ding Dong, The Blognik’s Dead

Sad news, but SEGA has apparently announced that they have no further plans for the Sonic City Blognik and it will receive no more updates. If you don’t know the Blognik, it was the last thing remaining from the old Sonic City site which was Europe’s version of Sonic Channel or Sonic Central in the USA. Unlike Sonic Central though, Sonic City was good.

Boy, Central was a fugly piece of crap.

Our own ArchangelUK kept it going for the four years he was at SEGA Europe. However, since he left SEGA the Blognik has fallen into a state of inactivity. Which when you consider we’ve had the new Mario & Sonic game and Sonic Generations both announced is surprising. The last entry being the end of March about a meeting at SEGA Europe which turned out to be a bunch of interviews for some internal SEGA video.

It was this lack of activity that was raised today by T-Bird, the cool dude with the hat over at Sonic Stadium who took SEGA to task via his @TeamChaotix account.

TeamChaotix: @SEGA Blognik’s died a bit of a death hasn’t it? Mustn’t be any Sonic news =P

The @SEGA account, assumedly via the US Community Team then responded:

SEGA: @TeamChaotix we post Sonic news direct to US or EU blogs now.

So, that’s that then I guess?

It is not clear at the moment if the blog will be physically shut down or left up. SEGA also made no mention of what is to become of the content on the Blognik, which you’d’ve thought would be kinda extensive. I’ll probably suggest to AAUK next time I speak to him that he starts getting any articles off there just in case.  We’re still getting blogs via the main blog but yeah, in Sonic’s 20th year we officially lost our official western Sonic blog and now have no standalone blog or portal for the West any more.

Not quite sure what to think about that….


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    That’s a shame. Sonic deserves his own little section, but I suppose if it makes things easier for them then it’s understandable.

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    Its time to take initiative then!

    Lets get the blognik out of SEGA’s hands and make it an UNofficial blog pertaining to the current events of sonic the hedgehog its got a name already thanks to SEGA but i know we fans can keep it going. We can remove whatever SEGA wants from the blognik to make it not theirs anymore but lets not let them just shut it down and still keep the domain name.

    We lost Sonic Central and Sonic City, we CAN’T lose the blognik! Something has to be worked out.

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    I honestly wonder if they’ll keep @sonicgames active in any way–I’ll be a bit disappointed if not, because now that Sega Europe’s online presence is dismantled, I don’t have that many official resources that I can try to best in terms of popularity.

    I can’t compete against Free Stuff Friday. 🙁

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    • ArchangelUK

      I was the only one that actively used @sonicgames. Its not been touched for ages. Sadness!

      We can at least go vs each other on Twitter followers. We’re catching… slowly!

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    And I’ve always liked Sonic Central more than Sonic City. 😛

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