Completely Epic Sonic Cupcakes

Now if you know me very well, then you know that I am a guy who loves his cupcakes; Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coffee, Toffee, Sonic The Hedgehog…..????

Now I bet you all are probably thinking to yourselves “uh wait theres no such thing as Sonic The Hedgehog flavored cupcakes”, which is true there is no such thing as Sonic flavored cupcakes (but if there was, they would probably be the best cupcakes…………in the world) but i’m not talking about flavors.


Yep thats right, some very, very, VERY awesome person has made a scene from Sonic The Hedgehog’s very own Green Hill Zone with nothing but…….CUPCAKES!!!!!!! 😀 I mean just look at it.

After looking at this myself, I was like “WOW!!!!!” Which then was follwed by “HOORAY!!!!!!” As two of my most favourite things came together to make one big awesome masterpiece, and it looks delicious as well.

The person who made this has done a really amazing job on it, great on the design and of course, it looks very, very tasty. 😛

So what do you all think, are these the best looking cupcakes ever or what?

I would love to hear what your comments are of it. 😀

Sonic Wrecks

Author: Sonic Wrecks

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  1. Avatar

    I- this-

    This is the best. Cupcake idea. Ever.

    Like in the history of man.

    Accept for one thing: it is just so awesome looking that I cannot bring myself to eat it and thus destroy such a delicate work of art and awesome and cupcake. But now I am kinda hungry for cupcakes….

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    • Tall-Guy91

      Lol I know man, everytime I look at this, I just want to eat cupcakes but I do agree with you, no one can destroy this awesome bit of art, it just looks so fantastic. 😀

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    One thing I can say……..


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  3. Avatar

    That looks AWESOME!!!! And DELICIOUS!!!! Props to the person that made those!
    P.S. Can I get a custom order?

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