What’s in a name? New Comic and Depository Update!

*RAWK* I mean, hello! It is I, the Bird with the word, and I come baring gifts…of a visual nature. For starters, Mr. AAUK has sent a rather large carrier Cluck with a BRAND NEW COMIC attached! Number 52 I believe, and it’s called “Splitting the Difference”. Well, I’m sorry Mr. AAUK, but I’m going to be keeping all 26 pence of the postage costs for myself; I’m hungry and need to buy some sunflower seeds for the trip home.

If you head over to the depository you’ll also find some lovely shiny new things there, including a new SEGA Superstars Tennis video for your viewing pleasure, as well as some delicious artwork.

There’s also been some interesting goings-ons over at the Sonic City Blognik…they have just announced the “Sonic Chronicles: A Race to a Name” competition, in which you Wreckslings will have an opportunity to cast your vote to name a new species of alien in the game that just about every Sonic fan is talking about these days. Voting will be between the 3rd and the 14th of March, with the winner announced on the 15th. I’d like to say more, but unfortunately if I did, Bird hunting season would be opened.

Sit tight kids – It’s certainly an exciting time to be a Sonic fan!

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