“Where is Summer Of Sonic 2009 Going To Be?”

London. Okay? LONDON. Saturday August 29th.

I’m re-emphasising this as I’m getting a mite tired of people saying “I’ve had X person contact me asking…”, “Why haven’t we heard anything yet?”, etc like I’ve not been sodding doing anything.

Yes its a Bank Holiday weekend which is a pain because of hotels etc, sorry but if you want post-Cologne GamesCom inclusive goodness such as M&S Winter stuff its got to be after Cologne. Its got to be a weekend, I need to be able to go to it otherwise nothing happens and I’ve also got a wedding to sort out as well and I’m not screwing up my future and family for you guys. Sorry, I draw the line there. Its at the time it has to be.

No, we’ve not specified exactly WHERE in London its being held yet because I’m trying to get contracts finalised; SEGA legal would like a change – a change I agree with as it protects SEGA, me, the organisers and you guys who want to attend. So thats got to happen first. This of course is resulting in me as muggins in the middle and the only one able to orchestrate the damn thing getting it in the neck from all sides.

Its been thought best to wait until this is confirmed before telling you the specific location. As soon as thats done and the deposit is properly down we’ll let you know.

Yes its annoying, Yes I’m pissed off its taking so long as well and yes its 2am and I can’t get to sleep because I’m THAT annoyed. Tomorrow I hope to get a lot of things underway regarding SoS on my big SoS related list, I’m also going to be raising my voice a lot.

So there we go, you’ve got the summarised situation in as much as I can tell you. As soon as things are sorted I will pretty much IMMEDIATELY tell you and you’ll also be informed by TSS and The Summer of Sonic website. I.e. the ones you’ll actually take notice of.

This was really helpful to write… who knows I may even get some sleep now before I have to get up and go to work.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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