Bentley Jones Serves Up A Free Festive Treat

It’s always better to give than to receive or so the motto goes, so any Bentley Jones fans will be pleased to know that the remixer, artist and producer has not forgotton you. Whilst its nowhere near the awesomeness of “Sleigh Ride To Oblivion” which I came up with last night. It is a rather nice set of bonus remixes to recent mini-album (surely you can’t call an eleven track release ‘mini’?) Finally Free.

Infact, said remixes are indeed free. Along with high-res album artwork for both the digital version and MRCD-R purchasors, five remixes around three of the album tracks are now online free to download. They are:

ST4LK3R (Fantazia Projekt Edit)
Waiting for Clouds (Phunkstar Radio Mix)
桜 ~Beautiful Sadness~ (Fantazia Projekt Edit)
ST4LK3R (Fantazia Projekt Remix)
桜 ~Beautiful Sadness~ (Fantazia Projekt Remix)

You can grab them all from, I look and see if I can mirror them sometime tomorrow for people.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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