Get Your 20th Anniversary Stamps Here! Well, Not HERE Exactly.

More like Belgium.


Previously discussed on the SSMB back in August by Hogfather and promptly disappearing off the radar, Belgium’s postal service bpost is offering a variety of 20th anniversary stamps featuring Sonic along with Tails, Shadow and Amy which you can now purchase from their website. Wait, no Knuckles? Was he  too exciting or was he off buying waffles or something?

Confusingly the website also talks of the Sonic stamps as items fans of Bambi and Peter Pan would be delighted upon receiving.

However should you wish to get some Sonic stamps in your life, you can now actually order them from the bpost website  in books of  five for € 4.99 .

Click here to visit – and lose your soul

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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  1. Avatar

    I bought two packets of those; I live in Belgium so it was pretty easy to do.
    The stamps look awesome, I probably won’t be using them ^^;
    Just adding them to my growing collection of Sonic stuff xD

    Good luck to anyone who wants some of those!~

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  2. Avatar

    I live in Belgium and I forgot about that. Guess I’ll go to the Post office tomorrow ^^

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    • ArchangelUK

      Wondered if you would Adamis!

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