The Universe Dies As A Star is Born, More PSO2 News

In a rare double whammy of Phantasy Star news today there is both joy and sadness in the Phantasy Star/SEGA community.

As we mentioned earlier today SEGA announced that the long time running Phantasy Star Universe (with the add-on ‘Ambition of the Illuminus‘) will have it’s final, and longest running, server on the Xbox 360 close for good on September 7. The reason given for this shutdown was that SEGA could no longer provide enough support for the games servers as they prepare to release new games.

The closure does not come as to much of a surprise to many with the western support team for the servers extremely lacking extra content, updates, and patches compared to there eastern counterparts over it’s 6 year life, as well as the launch of PSO2 just on the horizon.

On the flip side however, more news in regards to the ever nearing launch of Phantasy Star Online 2!

In their second item of news, SEGA announced that they will be holding PSO2’s Pre-Open Beta on June 15th and 16th! However, as in the Alpha tests, time to play the Pre-Open Beta will be limited to between the following the times:

  • Eastern Standard Time: 6am to 11am
  • Pacific Standard Time: 3am to 8am

In addition to the previously mentioned Mini Rappy Doll, it’s now been announced that doing a particular Desert Mission in the Pre-Open will reward you with a Bouquet Rifle which will be handed out in the Open Beta.

Please note that all character data will be wiped at the end of the Pre-Open Beta, and if the test is successful, SEGA have confirmed the Open Beta will begin immediately afterwards.

[Source – PSO World]



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