Now Don’t All Call Me Crazy At Once…

…but I’ve started playing Sonic 06 again. This is mainly because I haven’t completed it yet and I’d left Shadow (of all characters) 21% of the way through his story. I’m now close to finishing him in fact which would open the dreaded final story.

And you know, Sonic dying and all.

Anyway I got all nostalgic so I’ve put some more Sonic 06 vids up in the Depository. Seven all in all totalling an impressive 244Mb worth of new content to the Depository.

TSS Update: SSMB is going like a brick through treacle at the moment so if you’re having problems you aren’t the only one. Also if anyone does buy the yellow Hot Topic Sonic shirt and wears it at SoS like Brad “Slingerland” Flick suggests I will do terrible things to you. I bought that on the basis no one else would be wearing it at SoS 09. 😛

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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