Merch Madness #1: SEGAWORLD London Pewter Statue

Hello there loyal Wrecksters, and welcome to my private little banquet of chaos

Aside from spouting complete and utter nonsense and sporadically drawing things that make no sense, this author also enjoys the odd spot of video game merchandise collecting. This series of articles aims to show the Sonic community pieces of merchandise that have, for one reason or another, kept out of the glare of the public eye. This could be because they are regional exclusives, very short production run items, prize items, even one-off pieces. You never know what Nemain has in the merch cupboard…

For this first article, we’re kicking off with a Classic Sonic statue… Of sorts. “CLASSIC SONIC STATUE?!” I hear you cry? Indeed a few have been made, and this one was produced 14 years ago in 1997. They were sold in SEGAWORLD London while it was open and they were one of the “exclusive” pieces of merchandise that could only be bought there. What makes this one very special is that it was made in England (as opposed to Japan/China) and that it is made entirely of metal. It’s made of a traditional alloy called pewter… You don’t get much more “Ye Olde English” than that!

So, what does this “statue” look like exactly?

It’s wonderful! It’s adorable! It’s so epic! It’s…

… Just over one inch high. Well that was a bit anti-climatic, wasn’t it.

This isn’t one of those grand scale statues you’re used to seeing from First 4 Figures and the like. This is more of a paperweight than anything else. As one can imagine, the size of these makes them easily dropped and lost. SEGAWORLD London was not open long and these statues were not exactly the first thing a kid would dive towards and buy back then, so they are now extremely scarce. I’ve not seen one for sale since I picked this one up, and that was nearly 2 years ago now. As a relic of an era now long in the past, these statues hold great sentimental and monetary value for fans of SEGAWORLD items. If you see one, make sure you snap it up quickly – You’ll be holding a bygone part of SEGA history in your hands!

Providing the merch horde remains successfully guarded against invasions of the T-Bird variety, expect to see more tantalising shiny pieces of collectable memorabilia soon!

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    It reminds me of those collectors’ edition board games. I think I still have a Pokemon Monopoly. It came with a pewter Pikachu, Snorlax, Charmander, Poliwhirl, Psyduck *GASP* and Meowth.

    PS: The anti-climatic thing was funny.

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