Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E10: “Strike!”

It’s been a while! Busy times in busy lives mean it’s been some duration since the last recording but the gang are back to discuss an Orbot and Cubot episode full of fun writing.

Pre-show (0:00) – “The More Things Change”
Recorded before Thanksgiving Kevin, Cat and Donnie are back and there’s much fun to be had. Donnie’s had the chance to watch anepisode before anyone else (again) and the promotion for it was as you’d expect. That and there’s a changing of the guard at the Boom Team.

Commentary (0:20:05) – “Strike!”
Amy tries to intefere when Orbot and Cubot rebel after one insult too many from Dr. Eggman – but will the villagers prove to be better minions for the Doctor? And why is everyone trying to kill Tails? Stop that!

Post-show (0:31:48) – “Feeling Your Age”
The team discuss the episode, one they all enjoyed immensely and how it is an example of doing a running gag well. Whilst a comment from Donnie leads Kevin to discuss all the various fads and toys they have now passed by.


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