Yuji Naka Outs Sonic Feature Production In Works… Or Not?

Marza Animation Planet, the studio formerly known as VE Animation Studios/Visual Entertainment created by the SEGA Sammy corporation received a guest recently in the form of Sonic founding father Yuji Naka. However the story that follows appears to be one SEGA probably won’t confirm or deny as it appears via both his Twitter and Facebook pages Naka outs the existence of a Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

The crux is the translation and intent of the text within the tweet which refers to the making of Sonic related footage. Everyone has of course immediately assumed such would be an actual Sonic movie – especially as Naka appears to use the word specifically. However, Marza are of course responsible for more than just the Sonic: Night Of The Werehog animated shorts – the studio through its various guises have been heavily involved doing Sonic Team CG projects for years from older titles like Billy Hatcher up to the most recent NiGHTS title NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams and of course recent trinity Sonic Colours, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Generations.

As such it would be early to assume the movie that Naka saw being worked on was either current or a feature presentation, it could easily be older production footage of cut scenes or existing CGI shown to him to help explain the animation process Marza undertake. Alternatively it could also be cutscenes or opening material for an upcoming game we are all not aware of yet.  Whatever the case unless a Sonic film suddenly comes into sight  – and baring in mind the company has been working on long announced 2013 animated feature film Space Pirate Captain Harlock a second full feature would be something of a stretch for it in the current climate.

At least you’d’ve thought… though if any one were to do an animated Sonic film it would assumedly be Marza.

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    There being a Sonic movie in the works was confirmed false on the 18th ¬.¬

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