The Sunday Lunchtime Affiliates Update (Now With Added Reality Check)

In a variation on Emerald Coast’s Weekly News Roundup I’m going to do a rundown weekly every Sunday on the actions of my affiliates. – Its fair to say life hasn’t been that good to my friends DiGi and TRiPPY recently, but their never say die attitude warms the heart. And, despite adversity our favourite red and green haired artist and bunny boi have managed to spend some time on the site and return to give NiD a nice new forum update as well as a new DreamCast show – the first for MANY months. Go to the site and have a listen. I will be doing so over my lunch which I’m goign to now go and make.



The Sonic Stadium – The Sonic Stadium is (at the time of writing) up! HUZZAH! Lots going on behind the scenes esxpecially with SEGASonic Radio. I’ll have some good news about SSR later on today with any luck. Of course Slingerland has been providing “Sonic related content” daily as well as launching a competition to get people to make a twit of themselves by dressing up in the Black Knight papercrafts.

However over the last week T-Bird has been feeding people a real gem of a series where he talks about Sonic merchandise, through rareities and also most recently a guide on how to spot the fakes on eBay.

You remember when TSS used to have really interesting articles like that all the time? *shrugs* I HIGHLY recommend you check that series out..

Emerald Coast – I’d like to officially reclassify Emerald Coast as “The New Sonic Yoda”, there’s a reason for that as I always said Yoda had the most potential to be the next breakout Sonic website. Well now I think the same can be said of EC. There was no comnic this week because Vger had a headache or something but they’ve not long ago launched a review of the latest Impact Innovations product that I hadn’t realised had gone on sale – basically a Sonic scaletrix set

SEGA Driven – Speaking of Sonic Yoda, what they became – SEGA Driven – has been very quietly going about its business. I REALLY wish they had an RSS feed though – oh and incidentally guys your platform icons are all over the place and there’s a broken image on OutRun Online Arcade btw. needs t3h fix0rz. This week saw a rather pleased review of House Of The Dead Overkill, a frustrated sigh at the SBK Percival trailer and Dreadknux complains how Yakuza 3 isn’t slated to come out over here yet when Japan now has a demo.

I can only assume he knows all about the inner workings of SEGA and how much Yakuza 1 and 2 sold over here. Whatever you do, don’t tell him about how the industry doesn’t do simulateous global releases – he may have a coronary or something.

One of these days people will realise that SEGA, Capcom, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Bandai Namco, EA, Rockstar, etc are businesses that make business decisions. I know fans seem to think that companies should do “this”, “this” and “this” RIGHT NOW and it should all be on sale for next to nothing but if you think its that easy you’re living in a fantasy world. SEGA fans always seem to want SEGA to re-release or make sequels to games that are either not possible to do through rights issues or (most often) make sequels to games that did poorly at retail.

Oh and they aren’t allowed to make any sequels to commerically successful games like M&S because that’s profiteering. Seriously some of you need to get a sodding grip.

Angry and frustrated rant over.

The Sonic Show – Is working on a new website and will be undergoing a distinct change in format becoming less “30-60 minute nightmare” and more “regular accessable items”. Discoponies is REALLY putting in the effort here, I just hope the TSS server doesn’t continue to kick him in the balls for said effort.

Sonic City – Don’t talk to me about City as I’m rather cross. I’m still waiting for approvals to put Phase 1 live.

Sonic Style – Demx has been working hard on rejuvinating the site after a server move. All the comics are now back online at our American cousin. Sonic Billboard is back as well.

SSN – Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Radio SEGA / Fastfeet Media – Ditto.

Upset Webmaster Related Edit:

Sonic Cage Dome – They exist and are doing lots and lots of stuff indeed. Oh yes! :tongue:

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