Summer Of Sonic: Reason #347c Why Archie Are Awesome

Do you remember last year? I crafted a little deal with Archie which enabled you to nab a free comic on the day in your little orange goody bags.

Well unknown to you I’ve been chatting with them again and have arranged with a transportation assist from the SOS organisational committee for UNDER NINE THOUSANNNND comics to make their way over from America to the UK.

(Actually it’s about 1000.)

Hopefully they’ll arrive in time – they’ve just got off a plane actually at Stansted Airport but you never can tell if they’ll get stopped, delayed, etc by the EVIL powers that be. Still if all goes well on a week Saturday you’ll receive on entry one of the STH FCBD issues. We’re not sure which one it is at the moment as it depends on which issues they actually have 1000 of!

Still, even if it’s one you’ve got, somewhat ideal for getting signed, considering we have the writer and artist about though you’d’ve thought…

Don’t forget you’ll also be able to buy Archie comic panels from Tracy Yardley! on the day, Sonic The Comic-related items from Nigel Dobbyn and Nigel Kitching. Not to mention the Dobbyn-Yardley special Fleetway-Vs-Archie print.

There’ll also be Archie comics available from Flyboy Fox’s comic store, next to the comics guys and on the epically awesome T-Bird/AAUK joint merchandise stall run by Nemain.

My thanks to Archie, who have been all kinds of awesome over the last two years.

Kevin Eva

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    Hmmm. I have every FCBD Sonic except the one from 2008. Not that it matters since I probably won’t be there. 🙁

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