Sonic Tweet Broken, Western Fans Despair

As of yesterday many of you who follow various Sonic fan ‘personalities’ on Twitter will know that Sonic Tweet – the addictive Japanese Twitter-based ‘card game’ is down. Ironically Sonic Tweet has become perhaps the most played Sonic game of recent times if you count how often the game has been “played” and the sudden loss was somewhat distressing to some.

This period of downtime was replaced recently with a Japanese statement that seems like Sonic Tweet has become a victim of its own success.

The statement, dated yesterday (approximately) says:

We have had to stop the server as it is so busy.
Currently, we are investigating the failure and progressing toward recovery.
To everyone we are very sorry, thank you for waiting.

Top “player” and hat-wearing Sonic Tweet addict T-Bird had this to say:

Anybody else having Sonic Tweet withdrawl symptoms? I’m grinding up Sonic X cards and putting them in an IV drip to keep me going.

Day 2. It’s raining. Still no sign of Sonic Tweet. had to euthanise two work colleagues to convert them into dash to keep warm. So cold…


Oh dear…

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  1. Tall-Guy91

    What Sonic Tweet’s broken?????…….NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! T_T

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