Sonic’s 20th Anniversary Promises More Merch

With Sonic’s 20th Birthday not that many months away now, SEGA of Europe just had a brilliant idea: MORE MERCH.

As a matter of fact the company will now be extending the range and disponibility of new Sonic related merchandising as well as making some new, mysteeerious things.

In an article for industry publication MCV‘s website, SOE’s Head of Licensing stated the following:

“We have some surprises lined up for Sonic’s anniversary,” Sega Europe’s head of licensing Sissel Henno told MCV.

“We’re working on a number of retail initiatives across different sectors. Ideally, we would like to tie in different merchandise to create a strong branded presence in stores.”

Sega Europe will meet potential new partners at several trade shows next month, including the Brand Licensing Show in Budapest, Bologna Book Fair and Kazachok Licensing Show in Paris.

“We want to team up with multi-territory partners in publishing, apparel and collectibles such as trading card games and stickers,” said Henno. “We also have interest in categories such as wheeled items, outdoor sporting goods and bedding in the UK and internationally.”

So there you have it guys, expect a whole new bunch of interesting merchandise with a possible worldwide distribution as well (*crossing fingers for some Uruguay Sonic apparel plz*).


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    Sonic bedding?! Count me estatic!

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