Sonic 4 Episode II, Sonic & Tails Get Japanese iOS App Cameos

SEGA Japan has unveiled a novel way to promote upcoming title Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II, as part of an iOS game called MyTown.

Created by Yumeni Inc, the free application is like a cross between CityVille, GetGlue and FourSquare, allowing users to check in at various locations be it bakeries, book stores or arcades and get virtual representations of the business.  A western version (MyTown 2) is currently being operated by makers Booyah.  You can see a video of the concept below.

Obviously SEGA has more than a few stores and arcade locations in Japan and so are supporting it fully, allowing you (if you’re Japanese) to nab representations of their arcades. The red bannered buildings should be familiar to many of you. Additionally as you build up more locations you may get other items.  Including  cameos from Puyo Puyo characters, UFO catchers and Virtual Fighter related items.

One thing specifically being pushed though is the ability to get both Sonic & Tails as part of a tie-in push for Sonic 4, billboards on the local virtual uildings will feature adverts for the title due out in mid-May.

You can see the various items in the screenshot below:

[Source: Sonic Channel / Sonic20th Twitter]

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