SEGA Reveals Generations Japanese Bonus CD Listings

SEGA have made new additions to its Japanese Generations website which include the rundown of tracks for the giveaway CDs included in both the console and DS versions – or the White and Blue editions specifically.

These bonus CDs are both entitled “History Of The First Stage” and are not available outside of Japan and contain a list of tracks from across the board, which as you might well gather from the CD’s title are showcasing the first level of most every game.

It is worth reminding people that this is NOT the Generations soundtrack itself and the original tracks are all featured here.  You’ll also note that the Blue version contains all the Nintendo exclusive tracks, so the Storybook and Rush series plus Sonic Colours are all found on this volume only.

White Edition – Console Version:

1) SEGA Call
2) Angel Island – Sonic 3
3) Splash Hill – Sonic 4 Episode I
4) PalmTree Panic – Sonic CD
5) Green Grove – Sonic 3D Blast
6) Resort Island – Sonic R
7) Emerald Coast (Azure Blue World) – Sonic Adventure
8 ) City Escape (Escape From The City) – Sonic Adventure 2
9) Westopolis – Shadow The Hedgehog
10) Forest Falls – Sonic Rivals
11) Wave Ocean – SONIC 06
12) Windmill Isle (Day) – Sonic Unleashed

Blue Edition – DS Version:

1) SEGA Call
2) Mushroom Hill – Sonic & Knuckles
3) Toxic Caves – Sonic Spinball
4) Botanic Base – Chaotix
5) South Island – Sonic The Fighters
6) Seaside Hill – Sonic Heroes
7) Leaf Storm – Sonic Rush
8 ) Plant Kingdom* – Sonic Rush Adventure
9) Metal City – Sonic Riders
10) Sand Oasis – Sonic & The Secret Rings
11) Camelot Castle – Sonic & The Black Knight
12) Tropical Resort – Sonic Colours

*It appears this track is accidentally listed as Planet Kingdom on the site, hopefully this in not the case on the release.

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