ProtoBlaze: The Sonic Counterpart Drawing

Dear SEGA Boards,

I know it’s not in your nature to actually bother to read anything properly but please read this. Traditionally if you want to know the background to a story you do in fact read the story and the ProtoBlaze stuff is explained within the previous stories on it.  However in summary for you, ProtoBlaze was not discovered by me directly and the item itself is a concept drawing – so no it doesn’t look “professional” as it is a first stage concept. It might have even been done by a Dimps artist for all we know. It was included in a PowerPoint document that sets out the planned features for the game back in early 2005, it might be earlier but this is the only date that can be considered concrete. It looks like the final art wasn’t finished until much closer to launch or for some reason just wasn’t used. (Interestingly a companion doc has mock-up screens from the Sonic DS E3 concept game in it.)

The SW research team came across comes it, so any insinuations about “he was wrong about game canon” here are pointless.  Besides I wasn’t wrong about game canon, you just decided not to pay attention properly to my point regarding retconning – besides I can give you two great reasons why Secret Rings might not be canon if you want? It is nice however, that with that people hereby remove my right to say or do anything ever again. Very kind of you chaps – and as for SW being a credible source, errrr we’ve been here for nearly 8 years. I think we can be trusted by now or at least be given some sort of benefit of the doubt.

Why am I addressing this? Because I felt like putting up a new piece of art, the final known piece of art from that doc on here and didn’t want people lamely going ‘no that’s obviously fake’ because it doesn’t meet their own conceptions of what early concept art is.  Listen, if we wanted to do a fake reveal of things frankly we’d have chosen something bigger and better.  Does this mean all the other stuff we’ve been putting out recently are clever forgeries?

Right so here is the drawing of Sonic outside the circle image and on his own, again as with the separate Blaze drawing the original image for this is very small and has been blown up somewhat to be clearer to you.  As a result it may not be as crisp as it might have been.

I’m not overly sure why Sonic is scowling here either, I assume the artist  (whoever it is) is trying to draw him with some attitude. He was however all smiles in the first picture we found. Anyway, enjoy.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    never mind AAUK. people make mistake. As for the proto blaze, it does look cool. It’s actually quite popular on deviant art and someone has decided to make a group.

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    • ArchangelUK

      I’ve seen! Feature coming soon.

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