Power Drift Gets Japanese Soundtrack Release

Here’s one you may struggle to remember.

An arcade release in 1988, Power Drift was an arcade racer much like OutRun and Hang-On series which used scaling sprites to create something of a three dimensional effect. It also has another connection with those two games – Yu Suzuki. Power Drift actually had 12 characters in its roster, which for the time was actually quite something! You could even race as the After Burner plane on an unlockable extra stage. In later years it made it to both the SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast as part of the SEGA Ages and Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1 collections respectively.

Well the original soundtrack by Hiroshi Kawaguchi has been re-packaged and released… today! Not only that according to VGMdb it contains some protoype/unused music. Pretty sweet.

02 Poker Face (OPENING)
03 Side Street (A COURSE)
04 Like The Wind (B COURSE)
05 Silent Language (C COURSE)
06 Adjustment Mind (D COURSE)
07 Artistic Traps (E COURSE)
08 Diversity (NAME ENTRY)
09 Not Use
10 Side Street
11 Poker Face (Super Arrange)
12 Side Street (Super Arrange)
13 Like The Wind (Super Arrange)
14 Silent Language (Super Arrange)
15 Adjustment Mind (Super Arrange)
16 Artistic Traps (Super Arrange)
17 Diversity (Super Arrange)
18 Silent Language 2011 (Special Arrange)

SEGA music aficionados you can get the soundtrack now for 2625 JPY.

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