More Game Gear Titles On The Way for 3DS

As AAUK reported on Wednesday, with Triple Trouble, Shinobi, and Dragon Crystal coming soon to the Game Gear Virtual Console in March some time.

Well today, via Andriasang, we hear that SEGA have also announced that Sonic Drift 2 and Columns to join the list of Game Gear games coming soon to the Nintendo handheld platform.

We also see what the Game Gear Virtual Console will look like in terms of viewing ability:

If the above picture is true to form, and we have screen-ception for the GG VC, it’s gonna prove hard for some people to concentrate on such a small screen.

Aside from that minor issue of mine, Andriasang is reporting about the options that can be seen in that screenshot:

The screen shows the various options you can access when playing Game Gear titles: screen mode, system color, ghosting/after image, performance. The system color menu shows options for black, blue, yellow and red.

Source: Andriasang

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    If this is the screen, then I have no reason to sell my only gamecube game sadx, it is wayyyyyy to dark and a bit fuzzy, and one off topic question, the captcha code is that for security reasons, cause the only other sites i’ve seen to use it is Steam and facebook and it can be a bit annoying

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    The inclusion of a Screen Mode option would suggest that you can probably “zoom in” to view just the screen, without the faux-GG border. I can’t think what else it could mean since there are seperate options for effects such as ghosting and system colour.
    It would make no sense at all not to display a virtual screen the same size as the orginal Game Gear one (as is the case for VC Game Boy games) so forcing a reduced screen-sizer like this only makes sense if it’s an optional setting.

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