Community Spotlight: Miss Yuna

Welcome to the Community Spotlight, where from week to week, I will take a few moments with a member of the community and see how their art of different varieties has shaped over the course of the years, among other things.

Today, that spotlight shines brightly on Miss Yuna.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy what I hope will be an insight into the artistic side of some of our community.


Titans Creed: When did you first start doing Sonic related artwork and items and why?

Miss Yuna: It all began when my father received a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog and a SEGA MegaDrive console from a friend of his in the USA. I was young back then and I used to sit down and watch my father play, and I noticed from how different Sonic game really was then any games I’ve seen, such as Super Mario Bros on the NES. The color/BG, the music, the stages, and the animations were all outstanding. But what was more outstanding is to see that blue character, curling into a ball, roling around, jumping on his enemies and making those little animations, like that famous wiggling with his finger while he’s waiting to move and most amazing of all, the speed… those were the elements in Sonic I found interesting (so sorry Mario XD). Doodles was something I did alot back then, so I started to attempt and made the drawings of Sonic in response to Sonic 1, but for some reason never got his face right XD. If only I had the sketches at my disposition, I’d show you but they all are lost under due to rehousing.

The years have passed, and things were quiet since the Sonic franchise wasn’t that famous here in Norway, or at least in the city I lived in. Then, when I reached the age of teens, I then discovered some channels on tv that broadcasted Sonic X and also this one channel (which I do not remember the name of) that showed Sonic the Hedgehog movie and also the Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog (in Swedish version), so I was pretty hyped to see the animations and to see how different they are compared to the Genesis style I was so used to, so I urged myself to draw the style of Sonic X and other shows I came across to, since they just felt and still feels appealing to me. Then, I discovered deviantArt and noticed how big and wasted Sonic fanart had in this place, and thought this would be a great spot to share my thoughts of my favourite iconic game character of all times. 😀

Titans Creed: Can you show us examples of how your artwork and items have improved over the years?

Miss Yuna: Well as you can see, this was one of my oldest Sonic drawings, which was surprisingly better then those drawings that came after this drawing, but from what you can see, I was very into SA style as were many Sonic online artists, since I noticed how much this style has influenced many of them, so I thought, what the heck I’ll give it a shot.



Sonic’s 15 anniversary by *missyuna on deviantART

But, my style has changed rapidly and varied as you can see over the years (at least my watchers can confirm that), so there were some point where I got inspired by someting I like and then I discover another thing I like and so on and so forth, so I kept changing my styles (as someone has just mentioned to me). I used alot of references to help me learn and change my style and the way I used them, but then I reached an ‘end’ point where I said to myself: “I think I learned enough, I’ll try to draw without using the references”. So I did, and this just proves folks that once you take a step forward, you just need to keep on like that until you reach a point where you feel satisfied and comfortable with your improvement, it takes alot of time, sure, but its worth it at the very end. Just take a peek way back in my gallery, and you’ll see what I mean. 😉

So like I say, don’t stop and keep trucking til you drop. XD by *missyuna on deviantART


Titans Creed: Out of all the artwork and items you’ve created so far, do you have a favourite piece?

Miss Yuna: Well yes, and this one is something I recently made out of a gameplay part from Sonic Generations, which came only a few months ago. As I was playing that stage, and witnessed how SEGA/Sonic Team, the creators of Sonic Generations twisted in that point an event, and you can say that I and many were “trolled“, so I thought that someone just HAVE to draw that out, I just felt this big “need“ to draw that particular scene and trollface on Robotnik as a response to the reactions people get.



Goal post..? by *missyuna on deviantART

Like NkoGnZ from deviantArt mentioned:“Epic rendition of a moment that happened to everyone in Sonic Generations, awesome style and detail! :D”

I was honestly not expecting to see this sort of thing happening in this era, but to those who have played Genesis games and witnessed many twisting events from those games, many would find this pretty nostalgic, as to how SEGA back in times used to pull out these “stunts“ XD, and I and many encourage them to keep on that!

Titans Creed: How do you come up with new ideas for artwork and items?

Miss Yuna: This is a question that I kept getting from so many people, so it‘s a good thing that you asked this Pete! When I joined DeviantArt and noticed, as I mentioned on how big and wasteful Sonic Fanart is in this website, I stumbled and came across so many Sonic fan arts, comics, stories (some Fan Fictions that didn’t contain “creepy materials”), and animations, videos and music.

But most of the time, I get my ideas by simply just sitting on my chair/bed, doodle around while listening to music or watching some movies and there was this time not too long ago (well a year ago), that I watched a scene from Rambo and then I just randomly picked my pen to draw Big the cat as a Rambo figure here in this comic.

Yup, boredom can sure give you some crazy thoughts, and actions/adventure movies is what really gives me the ideas , really…XD….

Titans Creed: Where do you find the inspiration for your artwork and items?

Miss Yuna: I think this question should be tied with the previous question, but to answer further on things I didn’t mention, I get inspirations by the things I see, and sometimes even the dreams I get (although it sounds pretty corny to someone), and also artists who makes Sonic Fan Art across the Art websites, such as and the only one as deviantArt (Sheezy Art sometimes, but I never really go there).

When it comes to the art, or to be a bit more precise, the comics,, I like to mention few people that inspired me into making these comics in the first place(and you can find the artists from none other then Deviantart): sonicxamy09, ojamajodoremidokkan, fuwa2-kyara, faezza and lastly Elson Wong with his SA2 Fan comics. Whats really amazing about that Fan comic he made, is how he recreated the story in such a more detailed, depth way and this was something I always wanted to do, to recreate a story in the way Elson have developed, but due to my lack of skills into making good stories, I then started to take another direction, I wanted to make something simple, and something comical. Because in my experience, one cannot make good comics, unless you feel thrilled and joyful about it, one needs the streams of feelings that can boost you into making something good, and fun. This is how I make my comics, if I laugh about it, I work it, some might find this very stupid but theres a possibilty that some find this reasonable and natural. One needs something to start with something, right? And also, just to mention it right away, I really wouldn’t have got far with what I’m doing without the responses and feedbacks I get from the many wonderful artists and friends in DA, their comments and their presence simply makes my days. ^^

Titans Creed: What are your current projects?

Miss Yuna: Frankly, I don’t have any projects at the moment, but I’m thinking about making some sort of collab project or perhaps a new contest in near future, because there’s something I just recently came up by watching news about an upcoming game in Nintendo 3DS, well so far I think this is just a rumor or speculation, but clearly something is coming up where Capcom, Namco-Bandai and SEGA will team up into making that game which we do not know of, but I couldn’t help but to tell how hyped I am so it caught my attention and slowly gives me an idea on how this collab project I’m thinking of will turn out.

Titans Creed: How would you compare traditional and digital art, and which is your favourite?

Miss Yuna: The term “Digital” and “traditional” really are no big difference if one thinks about it, and they are in fact more in common. If you just overlook the name “digital” and “traditional” because they both are in principle the same. The name digital simply suggests that art (which comes from traditional, can also be drawn further by using digital equipments). Both traditional and digital arts use the same art concept, such as balance, message, theory,harmony, contrast, colour, but we can see due to the “digital evolution” over the years, that digital art is a natural exentions of tradtional arts, and drawn in computer, then paper.

If I had to choose I will have to say traditional although I really don’t do them much in computer. Why you may ask? Well I simply think its a “fine” art form, it feels more natural and a lot more work put into it, and when one uses the digital tools and equipment, these tools are something that helps you on the difficult spots, which you could not do in traditional, its like taking a short cut and some “traditionalists” out there would find it a bit “weak”, as I don’t think thats the case.

The reason why I find traditional art the finest, is because theres alot of challenge in it, and one must have the patience and skill of creativity and ability to create something with just a pencil wihtout using any advanced digital tools in order to draw, use textures or do manipulation, it is so why I find traditional so much more attractive and challenging then digital.

Titans Creed: What advice would you give for aspiring artists?

Miss Yuna: What I learned during my time on DA, is to not just be an artist, but also be a supporter/advicer to the people/artists I have met and known in years. I myself am no big artist, and like many out there, I keep improving and practicing, and getting constantly inspired by so many great artists and friends. I admire them, I envy them and I get inspired. I am also lucky to know their lives, become friends with them, and sharing and learning something from them, all these good qualities are a luxury for me.

I do alot of mistakes, and I do not hide them because I want others to learn and see my mistakes, in order so that they do not the same. I like to keep all the works I have over the years, just to show people how I have improved over the years, and I have still yet more improving to do. A famous phrase we all know is “nobody is perfect”, and that’s the truth folks. So take it from me and keep practising and improve, even if there will pop some mistakes here and there, but don’t let that stop you from making art. But do keep in mind that whats important is that you put heart into your art, not for the audience or anyone, just you and the art.

Also again, I really wouldn’t have got that far if it hasn’t been for your constant support and your kindness and also your critiques, because thats what really keeps me going, so thank you people on DA.

Titans Creed: Are you currently taking on any comissioned work?

Miss Yuna: Currently I’m pretty much busy with college and work so its hard to get into serious commissioning. As I have witnessed a year ago where I once opened commissions for everbody, and got so far back that I got 5 or more who commissioned me but had to pull out and return their payments back due to so so many college and work that I hardly got any free time to do them. But once things gets a bit calmer, and all these workloads passes away, (if God wills) I will hopefully be open for commission in the future.

Thanks to Miss Yuna for taking her time out to answer these questions for us, and you can check out her deviantArt page by following the link below.


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