SEGA Unveil Binary Domain Pre-Order Exclusives

Yesterday via their blogs and a Press Release, SEGA outlined a pair of pre-order bonuses for those interested in purchasing upcoming third-person squad shooter Binary Domain, from the creators of the Yakuza series.

Where the two packs in question;  the “Dan Marshall Pack” and “Multiplayer Pack” will land have not yet been confirmed for Europe, although the fact that the press release is jointly SOE/SOA would suggest that it will indeed be coming out beyond America. We currently have the most news about the Multiplayer Pack, which is scheduled to be a Gamestop exclusive in the US. This will comprise an “exclusive” multiplayer map called “Outside High-rise, Upper City” (very catchy) which will work with several of Binary Domain’s multiplayer modes.

Additional ninja-based player class are also included in the pack; SEGA refer to the Ninja as a  “unique playable character type is perfect for surprise attacks and adapting combat style to the situation.”

Two9 weapons are also included in this pack, exclusive for multiplayer: the Hoga Type 69 Sniper Rifle and Yamato-0 Handgun.

The other pack focuses around lead character Sgt. Dan Marshall, offering  the SOWSAR-17 SBMOD type G Assault Rifle and several bionic upgrades: Assault: Physical Enhancement IAssault: Protective Coating and Assault: Quick Prompt to make Dan quicker, stronger and  more resilient.

Binary Domain is due to be released mid-February 2012.

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