Archie Comics Sonic Genesis Preview

With Sonic about to hit 20, and Archie about to hit the milestone issue of 225 in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, it seems only appropriate for Archie to take a look back at where it all started with the Genesis Saga, each issue in this series draws inspiration for the covers directly from the original games themselves all of them looking pretty sweet, below are the first three issues 226-228.

“Genesis” Part 1: Sonic investigates the strange disappearance of woodland creatures and discovers the man behind IT ALL! What is he hiding? What is the truth that has been kept from Sonic? Where did the army of badnicks come from?

“Genesis” Part Two: Sonic’s 20th Anniversary Celebration kicks into high gear as the most talked about Sonic story EVER continues! Sonic joins his new friends Sally, Boomer and Antoine as they brave the treacherous Labyrinth Zone! What perils await them in these dark waters? Even if they do track down this “Dr. Robotnik,” are they up to the challenge of defeating him?!

“Genesis” Part Three:
The most talked-about story in Sonic comic history continues as Sonic brings a curious new face into his adventures: Miles Prower, the boy genius! As Sonic and his friends continue the good fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik, the perils get more perilous, old memories begin to resurface, and the Death Egg orbits. Don’t miss the penultimate issue to this anniversary special event!

The event begins this June/July.


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