A Monday Well Spent

Normally in these technical bits I tell you SW has had some tweaks to its backend (insert your own gag here). Well this time I’m telling you that there has been some MAJOR reworkings to the front end. So if you’re one of those peeps who navigates straight to the news page it might be an idea to just check out the SW front page, y’know, http://www.lastminutecontinue.com?

I did spend litterally 8 hours getting this working properly. So, just saying.

Also – there is another of those “other pages” banners that has been online for four days now and not been spotted. The forum fails.


Edit – It had actually just seemed like a Sunday where as I’d actually stayed up til gone 1am on today (TUESDAY). Anyway between me testing it and then uploading it it seems the Gods of the Internets deemed it fit to make the page explode in a variety of funny spaced out images. This is now, after another hour, fixed – though in truth this involved me starting over with a new document and testing the bejesus out of it. It now works on both IE AND FIREFOX.

Edit #2 – The new banner has been found, but owing to me acquiring the official fonts its had a graphical (as well as pronouciary) tweak.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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