Win A Sonic Classic Collection Collectors Tin!

It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that tin, doo-wop-do-wop doo-wop-do-wop do waaaaa.

Yes, the Sonic Classic Collection limited edition tin, so limited its only available in Spain and Australia… and here! Yes, indeed, Sonic Wrecks is once again offering you a superb opportunity to win some Sonic goodies. We’ve got our hands on one Classic Collection tin (an Australian one if you’re interested) containing the tiny First4Figures Sonic figurine and 5 glossy art cards and a PEGI version of the collection on DS to give away.

Sonic Classic Collection - Aus/Spain Boxset O-Ring

“Sonic Classic Collection™ allows fans both old and new to speed through the much loved zones of the four original Mega Drive adventures, in a bid to collect the chaos emeralds and save the world. Optimised to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS™ system, Sonic Classic Collection will feature a new save anywhere feature, a first in this original series, meaning that the games can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!”


Sonic Classic Collection brings the classic quintet of Sonic’s original Mega Drive outings to the Nintendo DS for the first time, but what we want to know is something completely bogus. That’s right, I want your best entirely ficticious Sonic The Hedgehog “facts”!  The best one wins… simples!


I’m sorry Timmy, but this is a one shot prize!

1st Prize – An Australian limited edition Sonic Classic Collection tin (minus game) along with an English PEGI version of Sonic Classic Collection on Nintendo DS.


Simply leave your fake factoid in a comment which you can write at the bottom of this page if you’re reading the article seperately or simply click on comments at the top of the post – hey why not sign up for a user account on SW while you’re at it and set your own avatar and other details. Please note: Comments are moderated so will not appear immediately, this does not mean your entry has not been recieved.


  • Entries must be received before 12:00 UK Time on March 26th.
  • The contest is open Worldwide, yes even Puerto Rico and Quebec.
  • One entry per person.
  • Entrants must include their email address in the required comment field. (NB: You’ve GOT to do this for the comment to even be allowed, so don’t panic if you think you forgot it.)
  • All decisions are final.
  • Abusive comments will not be approved and your entry will be invalidated. Sonic Wrecks retains the right to refuse any entry.
  • Winners will be individually contacted by email and asked to supply name and address for postage, refusal to supply or failure to reply to the email will result in the prize not being sent.

Good luck!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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    “Did you know: The Chao’s main design was based off an early picture of the God, ‘Budda’. The picture, drawn and named “Baby Budda” by an unknown artist, was stumbled on by members of Sonic Team while developing Sonic Adventure, to which the unanimous reaction of the staff could be summed into the word ‘Awwww’.”

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    Why, what a perfect opportunity to tell you how the Sonic the Hedgehog series saved the world from destruction. Gather round children as I enlighten you with an entirely true factoid of a story. Hey you, no outside food!

    A long, long time ago in a time known simply as the 80s, there was a universe. And in that universe there was a system of planets. And in that system of planets, there was a planet. Called Earth. And on that planet called Earth there were people. And among those people was a man known simply as Terry Yachi.
    Terry Yachi was a simple man, simply requiring food, water, shelter, and a rather income. One night during Yachi’s normal jogs through corn fields, a strange blue light fell upon him. Suddenly, Yachi was sucked up into the light! Finding himself in a strange metal room, Yachi came to the realization that he had been abducted by aliens. Approached by a strange creature, Yachi took notice of these creatures.
    They were a strange race of aliens. They stood upon two legs, were blue colored, and cover with spines all over their backside! As they examined Yachi, they strapped a sportish pair of white gloves and redish/whiteish biohazard boots. Worried about his welfare and his goldfish back home, Yachi pleaded to his captors. Through a series of negotiations, briberies, and tea drinking (chai, for the record), Yachi was set free – under one condition.
    Yachi was required to create a medium that would get the good people of Earth to respect this alien race. Otherwise, they would come back and vaporize Yachi, the world, and that delicious pretzel stand on the corner of Vine and Hedgehog.
    Working day and night, Yachi worked 26 hours a day, 8 days a week, 60 weeks a year… you get the picture. In 1991, Yachi completed his work and began to unleash his creation. Donning the new name of Yuji Naka, the world was faced with a new video game – Sonic the Hedgehog.
    And so children, the world was safe for now. Each year, however, Yachi was forced to continue making games as part of his agreement with the aliens. For the sake of that pretzel stand, Sonic the Hedgehog games, comics, and other mediums are continued to be made to this day – to keep the aliens at bay.
    That children is how the Sonic the Hedgehog series saved the world. One-hundred percent true. I swear on a stack of delicious pancakes covered in sweet, sweet maple syrup. Please, hold your applause. And contact me at: dungeonherox [@] hotmail [dot] com
    But please, no throwing things at me. I see you. Yeah you with the anvil. Don’t get any funny ideas.

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    Ouh… That’s a pretty hot prize! But now to divulge my little gem of Sonic the Hedgehog related knowledge (Ha, “gem”. See what I did there..? Oh my.)

    The Casino-related levels featured in practically every Sonic game have been put down to the fact that in his early days, Naoto Ōshima had a severe gambling problem in order to fund his love for shoes (which became a marker for Sonic’s ever-fashionable footwear!); Keno and Pachinko slots were his games, reminiscent of of the slot machine features in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Of course, he has stated he’s over it now and is able to laugh about it. And the Casino levels are a tribute to this!

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    Sonic’s eyes are in fact green.

    AAUK Edit: Controversial!

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    Fact: The real cause of the long loading times in Sonic Next-Gen is the abundance of spicy chili dogs in Soleanna. The blue blur spends the load times in the toilet, “blast processing”. Which, actually, sounds like this: (skip to 30 seconds in)

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    Did you know that Hirokazu Yasuhara was a huge checkers enthusiast? That’s why there’s a checkerboard design on Green Hill Zone. Inspired by this, Takashi Iizuka put a backgammon-esque design on the infamous Carnival Night barrels. He wasn’t very good at the game, so he vented his frustration by messing with half the owners of Sonic 3 with it.

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    The idea for Big The Cat came about during Sonic Adventure’s development when the entirety of Sonic Team noticed Yuji Naka was becoming as fat as a cat and began acting oddly. He began to start licking himself and purred whenever work was completed to his satisfaction. He also grew a strange obsession with fishing for frogs.

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    Shadow only drinks apple juice. And he’s sexy.

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    In Sonic Heroes – the level bingo highway has some very odd text that reads “Fireball” – which can also be seen in Sonic and Sega All Stars racing. Recently, it was confirmed that the word “fireball” is a tribute to the number one sonic fan, Psyguy and his website.

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    Sega calls the chaos emeralds what they are today because when they were originally developing them they called them jewels. And since they all worked together Sega of japan called them a family, making them the family jewels. when they told Sega of America about this they laughed them out of the country and then got the idea to call them chaos emeralds from Chuck Norris.

    The end! 😀

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    Sonic’s too slow!

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    Sonic 2006 was a huge supporter of illegal drugs. That’s why you got Silver, who’s a pothead (with the forehead to prove it), a crystal meth user (who wants to remain anonymous, but will say his codename from time to time is Crystallized-Meph), and a guy whose on speed and claims he’s the fastest thing alive yet in that period he’s moves very slowly and when he does actually go fast, it’s hard to control him. That’s why the controls weren’t that good either, they were on drugs too.

    In fact the only people who weren’t on drugs was Blaze, who officially stated “I got a job to do, and I’m gonna do it.” and Shadow, but no one seems too confident about the latter for some reason, he’s been clean for five years now.

    Seriously, why else would the Duke of Soleanna put such a destructive, chaotic being in such a young child and then die right on the spot, thinking nothing bad could happen? Why would a princess snog a dead animal? Why does Omega sound weird? Why couldn’t Rouge fly out of Eggman’s base? Why does Eggman have golden nipples on his outfit? Why does everyone think they need to “hurry” while time-travelling? Because they were all high!


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    tails dolls real name is crysanthemum(noot shore if i spelled that right but you know how its meant to be spelt) and is having a love affair with metal sonic

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    Did you know that Mr. T was the original choice for the inhabitant of Floating Island in Sonic 3? Knuckles only got the job because when Mr. T found out that he’d also have to be the guardian of the Master Emerald, he told SEGA bosses that he already had enough jewels to look after. Besides, have you seen the start of Sonic 3? He ain’t getting on no plane fool!

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    Did you know that Sonic was originally designed with clothes, and it’s pure accident he ended up as he did now? When Naoto Ōshima designed Mr.Needlemouse, he left the character wearing jeans and a shirt with no shoes, and left the design on a table for the SEGA of Japan CEO to see. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson visited SEGA that very same day, and found the design first. He then thought it needed more “Thriller” to it, so removed ALL his clothes, and added shoes which were akin to his own, only in a different colour. When he saw the SEGA of Japan CEO approaching, he knew he did something “Bad” and boogied on out of there. The CEO loved the design, and published it before talking to Naoto Ōshima. A few months later, he sees his character on a game box. Naked. Poor Naoto Ōshima.

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    Originally, Tails was to have only one tail, but after strange radation started affecting foxes all over the world and giving them twice the number of tails, the creators of Sonic 2 thought it topical to give him two tails.

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    Sonic the Hedgehog is in fact actually……………..Chuck Norris!!!!

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    Did you know that Espio the Chameleon is responsible for the Naruto craze??

    Apparently Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the Naruto series, is a huge fan of the Sonic games. After playing through Knuckle’s Chaotix, Kishimoto became intrigued by Espio’s abilities in the game; he claimed in a later interview that he thought Espio was a ninja (when he was actually a detective) and that “It would be really cool if ninjas could actually do things like that!”
    That thought resulted in him creating the popular manga series two years later.

    And in accordance to this – and the amazing success of the subsequent anime series, Sonic Team officially confirmed Espio a ninja when they included him in Sonic Heroes.

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    Before Tails was finalized to be Sonic’s partner in Sonic 2, a character called ‘Enzo the Aardvark’ based on the Red Enzo Ferrari was considered. This idea eventually became Knuckles in Sonic 3

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    Did you know that in Sonic adventure, Big the cat was secretly gay, and had a huge crush on Dr. Eggman? XD

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    Fun fact for the kids!

    Did you know that during the development of the character Ray the flying squirrel, they considered giving him a super form in which he would have the ability infect his enemies with RAYbbies.

    ~The More You Know!~

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    In sonic 3 and knuckles after obtaining all the super emrealds you could collect the ultra emreald. Collecting all 7 ultra emrealds made sonic turn into hyper super sonic where he used his guitar from sonic underground and every ring on the stage would warp to his position. Making you practillt invincibble for the whole of that stage.

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    The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was created by Nintendo.

    Let me explain. The year was 2059. The humans had finally achieved victory over the machines. Somehow, gaming survived the period of bloody/oily warfare. Nintendo, however, had faded into obscurity by the turn of the 21st century. Having no serious rival console manufacturer, they had become lazy and let their flagship franchises, most especially Super Mario, decay in quality. The Nintendo 32’s biggest launch title, “Super Mario Adventure”, was one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history, and was universally decried as “a pile of goomba droppings” by game critics everywhere. The company was swiftly muscled out of the video game market altogether by newcomer Sony, and was forced to fall back on making playing cards with decorative floral patterns. Unfortunately, this also led to the robot uprising, as the unsold “R.O.B. 32” units, planned to be compatible with the failed N32 console, felt betrayed and unloved by their human masters. Within a few years the majority of the human race was either dead or being forced to pick up and move about colored discs for the R.O.B.’s amusement. However, a small band of former Nintendo marketing executives managed to survive the war, and upon the humans’ victory, they snuck into the abandoned R.O.B. base and jacked their time machine, which the machines had been planning to use to go back in time and kill James Cameron.

    Once safely back in the late ’80s, our intrepid time travelers assassinated their younger selves and re-assumed their former lives and jobs. They quickly set to work on a plan to create a rival, not just for Nintendo, but for Mario himself. Their plan had three steps: 1) create a successful game franchise which would propel Nintendo’s rival SEGA to temporary success, thus ensuring that Nintendo’s developers would not get lazy; 2) the subsequent waning success of the new SEGA franchise and quality of its games would then drive up Nintendo’s prestige in comparison; 3) a couple of console generations later, their new mascot would “join forces” with Mario, thus adding SEGA’s “original gamer” customer base to Nintendo’s. This plan would require years of careful planning and control over SEGA’s top decision makers, and would call upon all of a Nintendo marketing executive’s ninja training. In the end though, the execs decided it would be easier to just draw a malformed anime hedgehog on a napkin and leave it in the break room at SEGA’s Japanese offices. And the rest, my friends, is history.

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    In Sonic Next Gen, during the loading screen, every character in-game are trying to find a way out. It takes forever for the guys at SEGA to put them back in place.

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    The Gamecube version of Shadow the Hedgehog was originally set to feature Super Soakers, bubbles, unicorns and a special guest appearance by Captain N, as Nintendo didn’t like the vehicles and guns that SEGA had originally planned to put in the title. There was even talk of a lawsuit if SEGA didn’t comply. However, SEGA dutifully pointed out that Sonic Heroes had outsold Super Mario Sunshine AND Luigi’s Mansion combined, adding that Shadow the Hedgehog was the industry’s most anticipated title of the past three decades, so changing some of the features that had made it so eagerly awaited would be detrimental to the sales of the game. Nintendo relented, and Shadow the Hedgehog was released on the Gamecube in its original format.

    Ironically, the GC version ended up being the version with the lowest sales, and culminated with SEGA cancelling a proposed PC “DX” version, featuring improved graphics and 15 new levels.

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    Did you know that the only reason why Sonic is so fast is because he’s mexican.You know what they say no one can ourun those mexicans.

    *note that this is a joke and im not really racist XD’

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    Sonic the Hedgehog was originally going to be a game about a hedgehog who desides to race through the Happy Land Kingdom, survive the main antagonist Dr. Robowser’s forces and save Princess Frogstool.

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    Did you know sonic gets his blue color from the force of the wind against his skin, its chill factor turned his fur blue over the years of him running at the speed of sound.

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    ummm… let me try one i guess. ok, ok i think i got this: did you know, once you collect 5 chaos emeralds, sonic can validate your parking? no too much fail there, lets do one a bit more authentic:
    “roughly after sonic adventure 2 sonic team ran out of original ideas until Bryon the Intern suggested we pull plot ideas from internet fanfics (but no lemons cause this series is also for the kiddos) thus all games from shadow the hedgehog to sonic and the black knight were born!”

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    Chuck Norris was approached about making a cameo in a yet to be named Sonic game that later became Shadow the Hedgehog. When he found out that Sonic would not be the star, he said no. The Sega rep who asked him instantly turned to ash.

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    Sonic the hedgehog was NOT the first animal mascot for SEGA. It was Mighty the Armadillo that first represented SEGA.

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    Sega picks up over half of Sonic’s “Friends” off the streets. They Adopt the other half at local shelters. Exceptions include tails, amy and all others before sonc adventure.

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    Contrary to common thought, Saturn game Sonic X-treme was actually completed. The finished game, boasted revolutionary graphics and epic boss battles. of course, it never saw the light of day. In translating the game for a US release creative tension flared up over the naming of a boss fight with Fang the Sniper. Against the wishes of SEGA of Japan, the character was referred to as Nack the Weasel. What followed was a violent, ugly legal battle which eventually resulted in the game being cancelled and all copies destroyed. Wary of history repeating itself, SEGA made sure to address the Eggman/Robotnik naming issue in the English dub of Sonic Adventure.

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    Sonic main reason for collecting rings is that he has a well documented, near-crippling addiction to hoopla. As a child Sonic visted a carnival with his parents and spotted a stuffed Big The Cat toy as prize for the hoopla game, unable to win with the 20 rings his $10 would buy him Sonic vouged that one day he would collect enough rings to ensure his victory

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    The first Sonic game released was Sonic 2. Back then it was titled Sonic The Hedgehog but later on it was changed because of the disappointment Sega felt over the second game. The reason they felt so much disappointment was because of how much of a step down a lot of things were. Many nintendon’t fans criticized how pathetic it was to actually release a game that had worse graphics and less characters than the first instead of having vast improvements.

    And just to add in a little something more: Sonic once got into a race against time… Time lost 🙂

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    Originally, SEGA was going to keep the Eggman name for the main villain when the Sonic games were first brought over to the West. However when news spread, it angered a lot Beatle’s fans (mostly because Eggman was in fact not a Walrus like the song said). They summoned the spirit of John Lennon to haunt SEGA until the name changed. SEGA then renamed the villain after the short lived Japanese live action show “Evo Robot Nick”, which became Ivo Robotnik.

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