Sonic Relief: EC Commisions Get Drawings Done For You

With the heartwarming co-workers I have being busy, Nemain with Uni and Vger with world conquest, it was decided the heartless one had to do something to help people… Why?

So here is my proposition to you guys, i’m willing to draw you a sketch if you donate a least £1 to sonic relief, yep just 1 quid and i’ll draw ye a sketch of your favourite character or fancharacter either live on the boombox livestream or hand drawn sketch, and anything you donate goes straight to help less lucky people, and I get drawing practise.

So how does it work?

Well go to the sonic relief page linked above, and donate at least 1 british pound sterling with a comment saying it is for EC to draw you something, then put a comment here or send us an email (urtheart at gmail dot com) linking to your comment and i’ll get on it asap.

I say at least £1 please feel to donate more, if you are lucky I might do more than one for ye, or colour it, even vger and nemain might take time out of their busy schedules if you donate a good amount.

So what ye waiting for go donate something now!


Author: Urtheart

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