New All-Stars Transformed Danica Patrick Trailer Shows Off… Danica Patrick

A new Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer is up and we’re finally “dealing”, if you can call it that with Danica Patrick’s inclusion.  The “fastest female racer”  joins the fun to go head-to-head with Sonic and co. Now, I can see why they’ve done this whole thing, even if from a marketing perspective it is very short-sighted, since outside of part of America she’ll mean a big zip squat to people. Probably why you won’t see any Euro versions of this trailer.

However in theory her inclusion should do wonders with that particular market, its certainly a big enough spend to warrant her own trailer – so here it is. I do have some rather fundamental issues with it though. Principally because in order to make Danica look strong they start off by making the other SEGA female characters look kinda weak.

Again, I understand where they are coming form on this. My point is however, that in order to make Danica look amazing you don’t have to resort to throwing the other female characters under the bus. There are smarter ways to do it with more action. We do get some action in the trailer however, along with some forced voice acting conversation.

Additionally there is going to be a Hot Wheels version of  the “Danicar”, except that it really doesn’t look much like her car at all. In fact its completely different. For goodness sake the extra set of wheels is even at the wrong end of the car. WHY SO MUCH FAIL TODAY?


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