A Sausage & Eggman McMuffin Please

Courtesy of SEGA Addicts, I’ve not come across this particular advert before which looks like it is for the Heroes era Happy Meal handhelds a promotion that ran much stronger in France and Germany – which might very well explain the fact this tv advertisement is in French. Oddly it pairs Cream with Sonic instead of Amy, obviously Cream is cuter I guess. Check out the CG though as it clearly uses the Heroes models.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    That’s a somewhat rather cool advert.

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    Okay thats freaking awesome. Why can’t America get cool things like this? XD

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    Actually, the models featured here are not the Heroes models – although VisionScape (the studio that created and produced the CGI models and cutscenes for Heroes) did produce some McDonalds advertisements to coincide with the McDonalds promotion going on back then, this is not of them. Props to whoever did make these models, though. They’re of a pretty high calibre for just a commercial!

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