Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E11: “The Evil Dr. Orbot”

They’re back! Donnie, Cat and Kevin return after a long absense to discuss the problems of red tape for villains and henchmen running amok. Featuring behind the scenes factoids from Sonic Boom’s own Alan Denton!

Pre-Show (0:00) – “Bad Vibrations” / “We May Also Have Said This”
A two part pre-show, the trio discuss the difficulties in recording before handing over to their past selves to discuss Pokémon and give a dramatic synopsis reading of one of writer Benoit Grenier’s other works: Night of the Living Deb. Are doors ruses?

Commentary (0:25:08) – “The Evil Dr. Orbot”
Unnamed Village decides it can’t cope with all these villains going around unchecked – they need licences! But after a disasterous exam. Dr. Eggman pushes forward with a plan for Orbot to take the test for him. Things start to unravel though, as Orbot becomes a far more effective and ruthless villain.

Post-show (0:38:22) – “Be A Star”
The gang appraise the episode in greater depth, comparing types of episode formulas as an exasperated Kevin overrrides Donnie’s Highlight after he decides it’s ‘too mean’. Cat discusses other cartoons and their development. Kevin tells a story of why he would never want to work for the makers of Wakfu and Donnie tries to avoid even the suggestion of a certain commentary

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