Yakuza: Dead Souls Pre-Order Details & New Trailer

New updates for the game previously known as Yakuza Of The End; first up there’s the “Look Who’s Back” trailer which shows off quite a bit of gameplay and all four playable characters from the Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza universe.

SEGA have also confirmed via a piecemeal announcement details for the pre-order bonuses:

The Densetsu DLC pack will contain 8 unlockable new weapons, 14 new firearms for your favourite lovely ladies, 8 new hostess costumes, and a huge assortment of extra items to help you survive the zombie horde. It will be available in the UK at a yet to be revealed retailer and as part of a Spanish Limited Edition available only as a pre-order.

Residence of France who pre-order the game at Micromania will nab themselves a steelbook edition with the Densetsu DLC pack and a tattoo sleeve. The same, minus the tattoo sleeve, will be available in Germany as a general pre-order.

It’s the Americans who get the plummiest deal though, as they via Gamestop get the Densetsu Pack AND another pack of DLC, the The “God Bless America” DLC Pack. Which features bonus costumes for each of the main characters, including Kazuma Kiryu’s glorious “God Bless America” shirt. Guaranteed to make you feel manlier just by downloading, this pack also includes bonus Karaoke modes for Majima and Kiryu, new cut scenes, and bonus items to help you hit it big in the casino and upgrade your weapons.

So you can stop complaining Europe gets the best deals now Mr and Mrs Double DLC.

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