Sonic the Hedgehog Marathon for Charity

Today, we at the Wrecks HQ received an email from a guy called Tim Troppoli who runs, which is a website dedicated to raising money for various charities and nonprofits by broadcasting video gaming marathons.

Now the marathon this time, is a Sonic the Hedgehog marathon, and it starts this Friday 20th August at noon Eastern Time (5PM GMT) all of the Sonic games from the main series will be played but seeing as this is a Sonic marathon here there’s an extra twist, the broadcast will have the format of a race, two screens side by side with each player trying to complete the games before the other.

They will be raising money for charity:water which provides clean water to people in developing nations, the marathons goal is to raise $5,000 to construct a well in one of these developing nations. For every $5 donation receives for this marathon they will place the donor once into their raffle, their raffle could see you winning some of their t-shirts and Sonic the Hedgehog hats.

They also have a couple of prizes set aside for those who have a more artsy nature and wants to take the time to make them some artwork. So if you would like to contribute and watch the marathon or if you just need more information please go to


Author: Dusk

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