Sonic The Fighters Announced For XBLA & PS With… Online Multiplayer!?

Rumors have been flying around for a little while now that SEGA were going to release arcade fighting classic ‘Sonic the Fighters’ on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store, and many even suggested that it would be the Sonic Gems Collection version which sadly had all the unfinished and never released characters like Honey removed from its coding.

So now it should come as no surprise that SEGA, via a YouTube trailer, have announced their Model 2 Collection. A series of classic arcade games primarily filled with beat ’em up’s like ‘Virtua Fighter 2’, ‘Fighting Vipers’, and ‘Virtual On’. What will come as a surprise is that not only is ‘Sonic the Fighters’ also in this collection of games, but this appears to fully be a finished/new version of the game! Why? Because, as the trailer shows and SEGA’s website has confirmed, Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Honey (yes you read that right, Honey) are included and playable!

In the original Arcade versions Metal Sonic and Eggman appeared in the game as bosses only, whereas Honey (based off Fighting Vipers own Candy, or Honey as she’s known in Japan) was created for the game as kind of a joke but was then never included.

However, her data always remained buried within the game and was discovered and dug up by hackers several years ago. So to see SEGA making Honey a fully playable character is most welcome! Let’s see if they add any more in, shall we?

Whats even more of a surprise  after translating details and visiting their website, it’s now been confirmed that ‘Sonic the Fighters’ will include Online Multiplayer. Yes, remain seated, stay calm, and read that again. Online Multiplayer!

This is turning out to be far more than just a simple port, and looks set to be a  true arcade classic gem! While the game will arrive in Japan this fall, there has been no announcements or news in regards to western release, but we hope to hear something soon.

Are you excited yet? As usual, sound off in the comments below!

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