Someone’s Gonna Wreck It… New Ralph & Danica All-Stars Transformed Videos

“Hey Sonic, what are you doing in a car?” – Ralph
*Facepalm* – Me

With Disney Pixar’s Wreck-It Ralph out on general release in the US today, from SEGA comes a new trailer featuring the star of said film. Wreck-It Ralph’s appearance in All-Stars Racing Transformed IS a coup make no mistake about it and SEGA released earlier a new trailer showcasing his involvement and his vehicle in action.

Additionally a Danica Patrick heavy television advert has begun airing in the US.  I suspect will inevitably confuse people unfamiliar with the situation since she is shown driving her NASCAR stock car then of course her F1/Indycar style racer in the game. More to the point the advert is terrible I’m afraid to say.

What do you think of the two videos? Comment below!

Kevin Eva

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    The former advertisement is cool; the latter is just laughably bad.

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