Shiny Bayonetta Things! Anime Deluxe Pack & Phone Cases Revealed

The Platinum Games and Bayonetta Twitter accounts have just unleashed a couple of pictures that SEGA fans might want to see.

The first concerns the long awaited Bayonetta anime Bayonetta: Bloody Fate which tells the story of the first game in the series which is out next month. The photo lays out the Blu-ray Deluxe Special Edition which includes a bound book, art guide or ‘theatrical pamphlet’ as Platinum term it and soundtrack – as well as a rather nice presentation all round.

Bayonetta Blu-Ray

You can check out the trailer for the feature itself below.

Secondly there’s confirmation that along with a rather curious selection of knicknacks including a tote bag already on sale, animators Gonzo will also be producing a Bayonetta phone case… which while feeling rather classical Japanese curiously feautres Jeanne more prominently than Bayonetta. Erm. Okay.

Bayonetta Phone Cases

It will be available for the Samsung Galaxy 4, Xperia and iPhone 5 so pretty much the full selection of popular mobile devices you kids are using nowadays with your “wi-fi” and your “social media” and your “yolo”.

Stay out of my back garden!

[via Platinum Games on Twitter]

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