Sax On The Beach? OCR Jazzes Up The Bayonetta After Burner Mix

Our favourite bunch of video game music remixers, Overclocked Remix have unleashed a series of tracks this evening which as always are very much worth a few minutes of your time to listen. What’s naturally caught our eye is that one of them (remix #2527) is a track from Bayonetta; and a remix of the After Burner Climax Mix at that. That’s two SEGA birds with one digital stone, which pleases your SW boss man immensely.

Apparently the track is the very first After Burner track to go on the site which likely will leave you scratching your head in wonder as to how that could possibly be. Not only that but the track has a degree of controversy about it apparently! Sourcing as it does some non video game music for a sizzling slow sax solo, something which led to the track being in the OCR approvals tray for many months. Remixer DJ Mystix writes:

My inspiration to write this mix came from Bayonetta. When I heard this song in the bike level, it reignited my love for the After Burner source. But I still wanted to make something for Bayonetta which is why I decided to write a sexy and romantic song (Keeping her in mind). As you can guess from the title, it IS written for her 😉

I don’t know how to play a real sax but I tried my best to make the sax sound as human as possible because there is no way the mix can be liked by anyone if the sax sounded mechanical. The idea was to convert the high pump action track to a slow, atmospheric song. I’ve tried harder than usual to make the most out of lead samples. I’ve also added breath effects to flute at the end so it would sound real. Also, the sax at 2:30 is not my original writing. It is inspired from the song below (2:21). I heard this song in a friend’s car and thought this piece would totally fit into my mix.

One last thing, the flute at 2:58 is actually part of source. Most people don’t know this since it comes after the main song repeats for several times (I’m sure you guys know this but thought I’d mention it). However at 4:06, I wrote something myself to give the song a proper ending. I hope you like it!

Did they make the right decision? Eh, who knows… that’s their call. You however, can at least check out the chilled remix entitled “Lady In Black” (as opposed to red) below or download it from here.

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