OC ReMix: Week In ReWind – Go Cluck Yourself, Zelda

More OCR goodness for you courtesy of the week ending February 16th.
Have we got more Mega Man tho? Of course we do.


Of all the Mega Man games, and let’s face it there’s been a few. Probably one you;d not expect to get a remix was Capcom’s 2003 effort Mega Man Battle Network 3 on the Game Boy Advance. How many of you even remember that game?

Combining the tracks ‘Forest Stage’ and ‘Network Is Spreading’ what you get is a combination of high-energy, yet mellow trance with more than a little groovin’ goin’ onnnnnn. It actually reminded me a bit of something between Sonic 3D, Sonic Adventure and Bejewled actually. It’s also one of those tracks that is really good to have in the background when working on stuff. Stick it on your playlist!


The only other entry for this particular week is a Zelda remix, at last! Not just that but a Link To The Past one? Well bestill my heart.

There is something delcisiously glorious about this, its a remix that has heart, a bluegrass version of Kakariko Village complete with washboard?

Please sir, can I have another? Also… where’s me washboard?

Kevin Eva

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