New OCR Sonic Track Advances Onto Web – “The Glacier’s Peak”

It may be near 1am over here in the UK but that doesn’t stop us bringing news of a brand new remix from the multitude of minds over at Overclocked Remix.  This time their target is a somewhat unexpected one as artist jmr turns their talents to Ice Mountain Zone Act 1 from Sonic Advance, the first time a track from the Game Boy Advance game.

The artist had this to say on the track:

“This one was first hastily put together for Dyne’s An OverClocked Christmas V4 over the course of two days in December 2010. I started off with the idea of re-creating the song as a music box jingle, and just expanded on it from there. (I was considering recording an ‘introduction’ consisting of me winding up a music box, but I thought it would be too cheesy.) Like my Mario Galaxy remix, the arrangement is close to the original, but I think I’ve deviated from and expanded on the one-minute long source tune enough to pass the bar here. Enjoy!”


The delicate remix, which reminded me more if Spring rain than anything with it’s music box like tones can be heard below.

You can download the track from Overclocked Remix’s page here.

Kevin Eva

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