Yoshi’s New Island Gets New Trailer. It’s New.

It’s already lined up to arrive in March bit for now Mario’s dinosaur buddy’s latest outing Yoshi’s New Island has a new trailer for you to enjoy.

In the new trailer, which won’t do much to allay Internet criticisms that Nintendo is ‘for kids’, (seriously, it’s Yoshi’s freaking Island, what the hell were you expecting?) Yoshi continues across his ‘new’ island with Baby Mario in tow. Making vines the old fashioned way without his smart phone and causing unfathomable damage to his anus by swallowing then excreting a giant ShyGuy as an egg.

That and he turns into a helicopter. And a minecart. Personally I’m then expecting him to become a dragon, a rocket, a boat, then dualize with Mario to take on Bowzerman The Wicked.


Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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