Yakuza: Dead Souls Serves Up A Slice Of Undead Americana

SEGA are giving American fans of Yakuza are being given an extra special opportunity to show geographically-misplaced patriotism in the face of a zombie apocalypse for the release of Yakuza: Dead Souls, the game formerly known (and still known in Japan) as Yakuza Of The End.

Deciding that, hey, if you’re gonna go there with it why not go all the way, SEGA produced this incredibly OTT American video. Seriously the only way they could’ve made it more so would have been having George Washington eating some Apple Pie and throwing some tea in a river whilst farting in Wayne Gretsky’s face.

What’s slightly confusing however is that the items shown in the trailer have seemingly no correlation to that actually shown as the pre-order pack, which is available at GameStop. We’ve asked SEGA for clarification on the matter.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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