Were3hog! The Sonic Triple Trouble E3 Round-Up

Here we are folks a trio of Sonic items -including a BIG surprise – came out of E3 earlier today so here’s the round-up you’ve been waiting for.

Numero Uno – Sonic Unleashed

Okay so all heck has broken loose on the Unleashed news front with the teaser at the end of last week and now a new trailer for E3 which shows a lot more footage from the game.  In fact it shows new areas such as China, complete with Chinese dragon loop sections and most importantly it shows the first night time action of a certain Werehog.

Yes, Weresonic has been unleashed with the trailer showing interesting snippets of Sonic in battle against hordes of dark creatures (“…steel clouds floating in the air…”) and amassing combos as you solve puzzles and explore the rooftops and alleyways.  Weresonic is also seen to be able to run pretty fast when needed but on all fours and has rather stretchy arms.

The music for Sonic Unleashed has also been unveiled, the track called “Endless Possibility” featuring Jaret Reddick of group Bowling For Soup.

 A load of new screenshots have also been made available highlighting the Werehog play and other normal Sonic stages.

Numero Dos – Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Not much in the way of new details came out for Sonic Chronicles but a new bunch of screenshots are available which show character artwork on the upper screen mid-battle. Super character move perhaps? Hmmmmm….

Numero Tres – ….wait for it….

 Waaaaaait for it….







Yes your eyes are not in the wrong way, Sonic is making an appearance as Amigo is going to take a trip down to to Green Hill Zone! Thankfully it is devoid of any angry creatures unlike Chronicles, but does at least have Chao and Sonic there to strut their fun-kay stuff.

You can see the proof of this below:

Play That Monkey Music Maracas-Boy

Will anyone else appear in the game? We’ll have to wait and see – but oh if only there was some sort of video of this Samba wonderment that people could see at some kind of “event” as an exclusive….

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