SW At Christmas Eve: Christmas NiGHTS Finale

Slide: Christmas NiGHTSAre you ready for the big day? We here at Sonic Wrecks have pinned up our stockings to the fireplace using the nearest recoloured hedgehog and thoroughly roasted our chestnuts. That’ll teach us to get so close to the damn fire I guess. We’ve got the Radio Times at the ready as we get set to lay waste to some mint flavoured Matchmakers and turkey.

The SEGA Saturn Christmas special version of NiGHTS into Dreams was a curious affair, no more so than was made obvious in the weird bookending voice overs. Here’s the final time we ever see Claris and Elliot -not counting the Journey Of Dreams special reward of course. It turns out the entire story was a dream. WTF? Also… Elliot is a clumsy ass.  Also: IMPLIED* LOVE STORY ENDING. OMG!

*Keep a close eye on the two kids right at the end before the fade out…

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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