Stack The Fun: Brick People For Apple Platforms

Ever heard of Brick People? Yeah neither did I, until it was scheduled to realease for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch this Autum.

Turns out it’s an adaptation of a very fun and popular Japanese arcade game in which your mission is to guide a whole bunch of adorable aliens with brick beaks towards delicious foods by stacking multicolored bricks.

Seems simple enough? It gets trickier,  as the timer ticks down the aliens will want speciphic foods or to eat things in a certain order, and if you’re particulary lucky (or unlucky) the Brick Monster will show up to challenge you for extra game time.

Now I took the liberty of searching for some videos of gameplay in Youtube and I found the original arcade game gameplay…which looks bloody fun if you ask me.

So now you can expect this fun and colorful game to soon reach your hands (litterally AND metaphoricaly), but not only that, this version of the game will come with potential versus capabilities via wi-fi and even Global Leaderboards!

No bricks included though.


Author: Suf

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