Relive Summer Of Sonic 2010 With The Sonic Show

Well, it’s about damn time but finally The Sonic Show has got its well manicured ass in gear (don’t ask how their ass can get a manicure, you’ve never seen them before post-production…) and produced a review video for SOS 2010.  It’s clearly a labour of love, so well worth a look as Rory Joscelyne takes you around the sights, sounds and people of Summer Of Sonic 2010. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for June 25th nothing will…

Things to note, firstly the credits list Echo Hawk down with her maiden name, which I take for us now being seperate. So ladies, I’m officially back on the market. Either that or The Sonic Show LIES, so there we have it, either I’m single or they are liars. Dirty dirty liars.

Speaking of Echo Hawk she’s also camera(wo)man for many segments in this video, which is worth noting and you may well see some Wrecks regulars in the video, for instance Strata is in the bonus section as is the lovely Nemain – Emerald Coast’s Debbie McGee to Vger’s Emerald Coast Paul Daniels.

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