Sonic Boom Commentaries Uncut: Ep 26 Pre-Show – “Club Tropeicana”

Your regular trio of Kevin, Cat and Donnie return this week in a long pre-show following a week of Boom news and feedback that needs to be addressed. The UK is to get Sonic Boom and SEGA comes under fire for managing to lose the ball, much less drop it. Do the team get enough information from SEGA? Are SEGA putting out the right information when they do? Oh and guess whose fault it was the community thought episode 25 was a boys vs girls show?

The trio reclairfy their position on episode 25 and why ‘boxes’ aren’t neccessarily bad. Cat is given an art challenge so Bill Freiberger has something nice amidst all the worry and concern and Kevin turns Sonic into a story for small children.

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Kevin Eva

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