Sonic Boom Commentaries Uncut: Ep 23 Pre-Show – “A Call To Blue Arms”

Cat, Kevin, Tanner, Jono and Donnie are here for the Sonic Boom Commentaries. In the pre-show Cat makes sprite art, the team discuss cat fountains, hedgehog harnesses, French episode names make a return, Jono and Tanner reveal their thoughts on the last two episodes and Bill Freiberger has more feedback for everyone. Kevin and Cat *almost* do a rendition of Hey Ya (What’s Goin’ On). Jono reveals how big a Perfect Chaos statue would have to be (which will cause cleaning issues). Kevin gives up trying to say the writer’s name and Tanner makes the mistake of giving it the ‘old college try’.

Oh, and Sonic once had tan arms in Boom and it REALLY, REALLY matters, apparently…


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