Sonic Adventure – Big’s Story: Scenes 12-16

We finish the portly feline’s journey through the game with the final cutscenes from it.


12 – “Big & Froggy Back To The Present” 
Their journey to the past over, Big and Froggy see about getting off the Egg Carrier as fast as possible.


13 – “The Last Catch”
Big comes face to face with Chaos 6 and enlists some help from Sonic The Hedgehog in order to save his buddy from Dr. Eggman once and for all.


14  -“Froggy Rescue”
Big’s done it! He’s saved his now non-possessed buddy and it’s time to get the heck out of here!


15 – “That Tornado’s Carrying A Cat!”
Big and Froggy need to escape from the Egg Carrier, but how are they going to do that? If only someone had left a plane lying around…


16 – “Fin – Big’s Credits”

HEY BIG GUY! Hey little guy! Did you see those names go by? The story is over for Big The Cat, and he gets to relax at home with his buddy Froggy. Follow their story and check out who helped make the game with Big’s version of the credits.

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