Sonic 20th Documentary: The Missing Summer Of Sonic Section!

The Sonic documentary was a shadow of what it was originally intended to be – getting sliced down at the eleventh hour to the format that went on the disc. One of the missing sections was everything that was filmed at Summer Of Sonic and we were to but it mildly very disappointed about that. So Dreadknux enquired with SEGA and I flat out asked the film makers if we could have the footage, especially considering how much we helped them with the project.

Very nicely they agreed to make us a little video which shows off Summer Of Sonic and includes bits from the interview segments done with myself and Dreadknux as well as Nemain, TRiPPY, SYAMiNGLi and Angelgotchi (dressed as Classic Amy). I’m sure you’ll spot others like Vger around in the video.

Enjoy and thanks to Gracious Films for sorting this out – heck I even managed to make it into the credits at last(!)

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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