Smash Week: So Here We Go Then…


I’m Gyrox, I think Blake already gave me an introduction.  I’m a bit of a media whore, I’ve no shame in admitting that. I’ve been a long term Wrecks fan, but to be honest I’ve not really wanted to interact with the fanbase as such before as… well, it’s a bit of a craphole ain’t it? Except a few places at anyrate.

However Arch asked me to join the staff with him leaving, least said about that event the better. Wrecks without AAUK is utter bull and a situation that shouldn’t have happened.  Anyway I feel I owe Kev so I took him up on his offer of being in charge of the Depository. I got a lot of stuff myself so added to the SW’s archive its now pretty formidable. It might take me a while to get used to posting stuff. I’ve gotta learn Arch’s code style on WordPress and need access to the FTP still as that’s jerking me around, so we won’t have anything major for a little while. Probably more YouTube videos for now.

I got given the next Smash Week vid so you can have that.


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