Smash Week: Tabuu Owns All & New Artwork In Depository

When a cutscene is called “The Crushing, Ruinous Defeat” you know there’s trouble… this is the proof of what I said earlier, that Sonic is stronger than apparently the entire Nintendo roster.All the heroes and villains have banded together to defeat the common, true foe and then Tabuu, after dispensing of the mighty Master Hand with not even a flick of his pinky finger, wipes them all out and Trophicates them in one single attack. Where’s your precious Falcon Punch now, eh?

The other item of note this morning is the SSBB render of Sonic.

Now you cannot find this anywhere in a decent size so I’ve tried as best as I can to get rid of the silly gradiant background to make as clean an image as possible. It is in PNG form but as a result is a bit raggedy in places, still perfectly usable. Since we were doing art though I thought I’d add in a miscellaneous addition that was oddly appropriate under the circumstances, the Mario 20th anniversary tribute with Sonic wearing the plumber’s signature hat. Head over to the Sonic’s Official Images & Art page for both of those.

Kevin Eva

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